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Shortly before completing her master's degree at the University of São Paulo, in 1999, architect and researcher Lilian Ried Miller Barros was invited to teach an extension course on color perception by FUPAM – Foundation for Environmental Research, based at the Architecture and Urbanism College / USP.

Other professional education institutions and universities were interested in her courses and Lilian traveled to several Brazilian states creating new content and formats for teaching color.

In 2004, Lilian created the Universo da Cor in São Paulo and the study center began to receive students from all over Brazil, especially after the publication of her book, A cor no processo criativo (Ed. Senac-SP, 2006).

Comunicação visual das Cores com Lilian Ried (Fupam 1999)

In 2008, Karen Ried Miller Barros, an administrator with experience

in product marketing, accepted her sister's invitation to join the institute's management, expanding the company and diversifying the offer of courses and workshops.

The open courses taught at Universo da Cor become a national reference in color teaching. Initially aimed at architects and decorators, they began to attract designers, fashion, beauty and textile professionals, artisans, artists, teachers, photographers and other interested parties.

The didactic methodology developed by Lilian addresses the composition of colors without establishing norms or patterns of harmony, bringing concepts from the neurobilogy of visual systems to the creative process.

The visual perception and color combination exercises focus on products and contexts in each segment of professional activity, based on a broad and non-dogmatic view of the use of color.

Alongside the courses, Universo da Cor offers in-company consultancy and training for national and foreign companies, among which Banco Bradesco, Senac-SP, L'Oreal, Toyota, Rede Globo and BASF stand out.


Lilian Ried Miller Barros

Lilian Ried Miller Barros
Architect and Urban Planner, author of the book A Cor no Processo Criativo (Color in creative process), by Senac-SP 2006. Consultant and researcher on colors and their applications, with Master and Doctor degree from the University of São Paulo. With specialization in the Natural Color System by the NCS Color Academy - Sweden, 2011. She collaborates as an examiner in master's and doctoral boards / research on the effects of colors in different media (Unicamp, UFCG, FAPESP).
After moving to Florida, Lilian has also been giving lectures and workshops at art institutions and museums, such as Boca Raton Museum of Art.

Karen Ried Miller Barros
Business Administrator from Mackenzie University with a specialization in Marketing from the University of Sao Paulo and Distance Education / PUC SP, worked in multinational companies in the area of product management, such as Hering and Schering Plough, conducting marketing research, product launching and campaigns.

The sisters have been living in the US since 2017. Lilian continues to provide consulting services to Brazilian companies and also offers mentoria online.

Comunicação visual das Cores com Lilian Ried (Fupam 1999)

Color Consulting

The format of the Color Consulting depends on the client's needs and area of expertise. Examples:
- Curatorship for events and/or exhibitions about Color / Visual perception / Creative process
case: Design Essencial, Senac SP
- Advice, developing studies and color composition projects for environments and products
- In-company courses custom-made to train and provide more resources to teams of designers, stylists, architects, costume designers, photographers, among others.

- Online mentoring: advice and guidance on applying colors in specific projects

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Online Mentoring

Mentoring with Lilian Ried Miller Barros is available online.

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Comunicação visual das Cores com Lilian Ried (Fupam 1999)

Online Courses

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Comunicação visual das Cores com Lilian Ried (Fupam 1999)

Online Courses

Comming soon!
We are working on adapting the Universo da Cor courses for distance learning.
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Clientes e Cases

Color design for renovation of work areas

- The appraisal of various departments at Banco Bradesco indicated the need to overcome the monotony, impersonality and coldness of work environments
- The Color Design Project prepared by Universo da Cor integrated large offices with an open office layout
- Changing the colors represented a low-cost and effective alternative for renewing the ambience in various departments of the company
- The project included definition of the color palette, application manual and assistance for its implementation with the bank architect team

Clientes e Cases

Color design of training areas

- Continuing with the consultancy, Universo da Cor develops a specific color project for the Bank's training areas, promoting a renewal of the teaching atmosphere in two of the company's units
- Color design, application manual and assistance for implementation

Clientes e Cases

Lecture at the 2nd Surface Design Forum - São Paulo 2010

- The event brought together various segments interested in surface design, such as ceramics and tableware, public transport, textiles and fashion, bringing together companies, design schools and industry professionals.
- Lilian Ried, representing Universo da Cor as a color research center, developed the best evaluated presentation by the participants of the event, analyzing the use of colors on different surfaces, with the lecture Color in the creative process

Clientes e Cases

Personal Color Analysis: in-company course

- Course at an event promoted by L'ORÉAL for its Professionnel line, aimed at hairdressers, colorists and other beauty professionals from the Werner Coiffeur network, took place in Gramado-RS, during the International Movie Festival.
- During the training, Lilian Ried clarified doubts and demonstrated the chromatic interaction between skin tone, makeup and clothing color on the participants themselves

Clientes e Cases

Mentoring for car color research

- Hired by the advertising agency Questto|nó, Lilian Ried participated as a mentor in the color study for cars carried out for Toyota
- The specialist evaluated the research procedures on acceptance of new car colors in the Brazilian market

Clientes e Cases

Curator of the event: Design Essencial 2016

- Colors, Contrasts & Matching, the theme of the 11th edition of Design Essencial, was promoted by Senac São Paulo in 18 of its units throughout the state of São Paulo
- Universo da Cor developed content and teaching strategy for the creation of courses and workshops on the theme of Color in Interior Design, exploring the effect of colors and creative processes
- Lilian Ried gave several lectures, participated in the event publicity video and also taught an in-company course for a team of 20 design Senac teachers

Clientes e Cases

*Designing with COLOR: in-company course *

- Course given to GLOBO TV professionals in lighting, photography, scenography and costumes, at PROJAC headquarters, Rio de Janeiro
- Attended by around 70 employees, the workshops addressed the chromatic scenographic project, showing the interaction of the setting colors with the visual perceptive processes.

Clientes e Cases

COLOR in Architecture: in-company lecture

- Lecture at Sherwin Williams headquarters in São Paulo addressed the importance of an efficient approach to color, with architects and decorators as target audience
- Lilian Ried explores the dimensions of the chromatic experience, commenting on the effects of colors outdoors and indoors

Clientes e Cases

*Glass mosaics: workshop in company *

- The lecture and workshop addressed the process of perceiving colors in an event organized by Vidrotil for its employees and representatives
- Created especially for the client, the event included project analysis and used glass mosaics for exercises and demonstration of color matching and compositions

Clientes e Cases

Teaching color: lecture at congress

- Universo da Cor participated in the 11th International Paint Congress promoted by ABRAFATI (Brazilian Association of Paint Manufacturers) with the lecture “Specification of colors in architecture and design"
- The theme, focused on the need to update the teaching of color in universities and professional extension courses, aroused the interest of the main companies in the paint and pigment sectors

Clientes e Cases

Designing with COR: in-company course

- The training used samples of products from Impress, a manufacturer of coverings for the furniture industry, demonstrating the visual effects of colors on plates with patterns and textures developed by its design team
- Adapted versions of the Designing with COR course were also available to printers and machine operators

Clientes e Cases

The Visual Communication of Colors: in-company course

- Course given at Suvinil (BASF's real estate paint brand in Brazil) brought together the company's technical area - engineers and chemists, and the marketing and customer service sector
- Practical exercises were carried out with paint on rigid boards, promoting the handling of pigments and products manufactured in the company. In a dynamic way, employees were able to observe and understand visual perceptual processes and optical illusions

Clientes e Cases

Designing with COR: in-company course

- Course given in the city of Botucatu, Sao Paulo, at the headquarters of Caio Induscar, a bus manufacturer, national leader in the production of urban bus bodies
- Aimed at the design sector, the course explored the chromatic design of the interior ambience and upholstery of urban and highway vehicles

Clientes e Cases

The Colors of the City: study of colors for municipal administrative divisions

- Lecture and color study for São Paulo City Hall / EMURB(Municipal Company for Works and Urbanization). Organized and sponsored by ABRAFATI, the Brazilian Association of Paint Manufacturers, the event hired the participation of Universo da Cor to study the application of colors in public buildings, discussing its implications in the urban context
- The consultancy included the presentation of color proposals for the recovery of the facades of municipal administrative divisions and commercial corridors in São Paulo, in line with the Cidade Limpa (Clean City) project and the Integrated Transport System

Clientes e Cases

Brazil Colors: experimental space

- Universo da Cor created a setting for experimenting with colors sponsored by Futura Tintas (Paint Company)
- The periodic application of a new color combination, inspired by Brazilian culture, flora and fauna, promoted media interest, reverting to disclosure for the institute and the sponsor

Clientes e Cases

Color Design: therapeutic environments

- Instituto Yantra, with activities aimed at well-being and olistic therapies, serves the hotel business in the development of spas and body therapies
- The Universo da Cor consulting defined new colors, inspired by Tibetan temples, for the renewal of the institute's environments, in line with the company's proposal

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